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CertHat – tools for Microsoft PKI is designed as centralized and comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring digital certificates in organizations that use Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services. However various other digital certificates related tasks and scenarios need to be performed on variety of platforms and devices across organizations. One example is UNIX / Linux certificate management for digital certificates from Microsoft AD CS.

Our goal is to identify and develop valuable tools and increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of PKI managers and their colleagues. We are constantly seeking and exploring new opportunities and scenarios where we can add value and increase business benefits in PKI related processes.

CertHat Linux Agent

CertHat Linux Agent is Java based command line tool for UNIX / Linux certificate management. It enables easy and simple certificate requests and renewal from Microsoft PKI service (via CertHat).

CertHat Linux Agent significantly reduces manual activities that PKI manager of UNIX/Linux systems. This typically includes tasks such as: requesting, renewing or managing digital certificates (with or without certificate chain) in UNIX/Linux environments. This tool can also list and provide info on all digital certificates from key-store and even restart web servers once digital certificated tasks have been successfully completed.

Please note that CertHat Linux Agent supports any UNIX based system (i.e. Linux, AIX etc.) that uses Java 1.6 or higher. It also supports major web server solutions like NGINX, Apache or IBM HTTP server as well as multiple key-store types (both JKS and KDB key-stores on IBM HTTP server).

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ProMDM is a leader on domestic Mobile Device Management market and is expanding globally with primary focus on enabling Cloud based MDM solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) but also serving enterprise customers with enterprise on-premise MDM product. In case you are interested in our MDM products please visit our MDM web site.